Home Learning Gallery

We hope you enjoy our gallery of Home Learning (click on images to enlarge)


Ruby and Theo made a plane to fly to chocolate land!  The bug hotel Ruby made has a few residents now including some rather creepy spiders


Reuben has built a brilliant Lego world and filmed a stop-go animation, plus enjoyed lots of games of scrabble and monopoly, and is a tyrant with his hotel building!





Daisy and Macy doing the Dartmoor SSP PE challenge – Standing long jump, high jump & speed bounce. 



Ruby has worked hard this week and also managed to crack her 2, 5 and 10 times tables! 



Reuben spent lots of time on his maths and filling in his workbook.



A science experiment by Daisy C.


Alice has been really interested in making up circuits.

Florence and Reuben have been hard at work



Henry’s lighthouse painting. – The sea signifies his feelings during lockdown from happy and calm to stormy and rough.


Ruby made a lighthouse


Alice did a science experiment with oil, water and a Berocca tablet

Florence has been working hard this week


Alice has learnt how to split wood and found badger sets too!



Ruby’s robot makes food and drink whenever she wants it, tidies up her mess and makes a disco at the press of a button. Also does everything else she wants it to do! 

Some of Freddie’s recent work and we heard the cookies were delicious!

Emilia and Ellie have been working hard
Check out Freddie’s poem and painting of his monster Flying Fred.


Ruby has been learning about Pandora’s Box


Imogen has enjoyed our minibeast topic.

Reuben has worked hard on this thank you message for the utility companies

Polly’s maths and English plus her thank you card to the NHS.


Henry’s story about his monster and a painting thanking the NHS. 


Amaya’s brilliant badger fact file


Fergus has written some fantastic imaginative poems



A great story created by Alice (typed up by her mum) to go alongside her scratch project


A lovely video by Flo – great story!



Haldon has been working on maths, and describing and finding all about orangutans.


Jessica has written a story about the Rainbow Monster.


Lily had produced some super work!


Raine has written and edited a book all by herself


Reuben has been working on his Time Capsule and building lots of Lego



Emilia reads her monster poem


Alice created a video tour of her garden


Ruby enjoyed making a giraffe house with her dad.


Amari has been busy in the kitchen and garden



James has been working hard in his maths


Henry has written a poem 


Ben has made a poster about lions, created rock paintings and planted forget me not seeds, plus he has been out riding his bike


Ruby has made a volcano and a junk model orangutan house. 


Freddie has been learning about plants, orangutans and melting.


Lyla made a volcano and practised her 8 times table  



Molly has been working hard at home


Reuben wrote a poem and James wrote a persuasive letter

James has been writing a piece called ‘Tuesday’ and is very proud. 

Reuben has been busy learning about measurements and making a fizzy potion

Lyla, Ruby and Theo have learnt to rollerskate and climb trees and found a newt!


James weighed the flour and helped make pizza’s for dinner – yummy!

Henry has been writing poetry.  

Kenton Primary School