Recommended uniform

  • Dark grey pinafore dress, skirt, trousers or shorts
  • Gold/yellow polo shirt
  • Cardigan or sweatshirt, green
  • Grey, white or  dark green socks or tights
  • Black shoes, flat or low heeled and not trainers
  • Summer dress green check
  • White or plain closed toe sandals – to provide good and safe support for feet at playtime. No crocs, at any time for safety reasons.
  • Sunhat to be provided in the summer


  • PE kit includes the following items:
  • PE bag
  • House team colour T-shirt
  • Black shorts
  • Change of socks
  • Plimsolls (no laces for Willow) or trainers for older children, to reflect the level of activity undertaken
  • Track suit bottoms and sweater for outdoor wear


Hair   Plain hair bands.  No party hair bands or hair accessories, including hair colour.

Long hair to be tied back at all times


Jewellery                  Watch and ear studs are permitted.  No other jewellery permitted unless related to a specific need.


Nail varnish               Not permitted


School Uniform &  School bags/rucksacks can be ordered online through www.MyClothing.com


Click on the links below to order uniform for Kenton Primary School and Kenton Buds (Pre School).


Kenton Primary Uniform



Kenton Buds Uniform