A Dawlish Learning Partnershp School

School Improvement



Pupil achievement, Quality of Teaching, Leadership and Management, Behaviour and Safety

Maths 2016-17

  • Audit of maths teaching and learning across the federation and subsequent plan in place. Outcomes focus on developing a visual image of number and developing talk for maths.
  • Advisor further input in Talk for Maths strategies.
  • Key objectives for assessment to be developed with staff.
  • Planning – further development of planning responsive to on-going assessments – embedding Trinity White Rose planning + quality cold and hot tasks to show progress.
  • Maths Coordinators/ SLT to closely monitor implementation and improvements and address/ support issues if they arise.
  • Evidence and marking in books supports good progress being made across the school.
  • Standards across the school are at least in line with national.
  • Stringent monitoring and feedback of maths assessment, planning and teaching in place.
  • Ensure homework focus on number bonds and facts remains in place.
  • Maths policy to reflect and support practice.

Impact of interventions 2016-17

  • Reviewing impact and effectiveness of interventions and use of PPG and ensuring that all staff have the necessary skills – to include reviewing staff competency of teaching SEND – audit of SEND provision and action plan implemented to improve.
  • Continue and refine individual plans for all PPG children, devised with parents and pupils – progress monitored by teacher and SLT + use half-termly Pupil Progress meetings to ensure that the effective interventions are being used to accelerate progress of children not making good progress.
  • Implementation of coaching strategies in all classes for children requiring support.
  • All teachers and support staff have an excellent understanding of age related expectations and have the necessary skills to narrow the gap for significant groups, through embedded standardisation and moderation across the federation, to ensure consistency in assessments and levelling
  • Improved use of guided reading strategies – Advisor support to develop this further.

Enrichment and broadening of the curriculum to develop opportunities for High Ability Writers 2016-17

  • Ensure all areas of the curriculum have correct timetable space and staff are skilled/ supported enough to teach them effectively.
  • Investigation of strategies in schools with high percentages of able writers in KS1by staff.
  • Development of/ planning for/ delivery of rich writing opportunities across the curriculum – focus on range of experiences and opportunities for writing in other curriculum areas.
  • Further development of homework to focus on practice of SPAG skills.
  • Evidence and marking in topic books reflects outstanding progress being made by pupils across the school.
  • Standards across the school are at least in line with national.

Behaviour and safety 2016-17

  • Reviewing impact of work undertaken to ensure standards of pupil behaviour remain high both inside and outside of the classroom.
  • Restorative techniques to be embedded in school cultures
  • Review impact of key policies linked to behaviour and e-safety.
  • Children fully involved in monitoring their own readiness to learn and feeding back to teachers and SLT about the actions of others on their learning.
  • Systems in place across the school which place focus on school values used as part of everyday practice.
  • Peer mediators and playground leaders to be grounded in everyday practice in both schools
  • Ready to learn characteristics to be taught and Growth Mindset work continued.