School Improvement



Pupil achievement, Quality of Teaching, Leadership and Management, Behaviour and Safety

Teaching and Learning 2018-19

  • Reviewing impact and effectiveness of interventions and use of Pupil Premium children and ensuring that all staff have the necessary skills and responsibility to ensure that all children making slow progress have effective interventions put in to place, that these are monitored and reviewed at least twice per half-term.
  • All teachers and support staff have an excellent understanding of age related expectations and have the necessary skills to narrow the gap for significant groups, through embedded standardisation and moderation across the federation, to ensure consistency in assessments and levelling – including use of PPA time.
  • Special Educational Needs – Enhanced Autism plan to be actioned and reviewed.
  • Boys – classroom practice, expectations, choice of topics/ texts, ‘Hall of Fame’ with focus on vocab and pictures up with stars on these for the number of times their work has been on the wall.
  • Pupil Premium – develop coaching strategies further. Give more time to coaching strategies.

Enquiry-based Curriculum 2018-19

  • Development of/ planning for/ delivery of rich writing opportunities across the curriculum – focus on range of experiences and opportunities for writing in other curriculum areas.
  • Evidence and marking in topic books reflects outstanding progress being made by pupils across the school.
  • Developing our own version of continuous provision across the schools – question-led and skills based.
  • Enquiry based focus for all topics in all year groups.
  • KS1 and 2 element of child initiated time for all topics.
  • Review of homework linked to our new topic structure, how we mark this linked to this and change of homework policy to reflect this and maths.
  • Maintain high standards and expectations of all presentation – most recording to happen in topic books.
  • Investigation of strategies in schools with high percentages of able writers in KS1 by staff.

English – To improve vocabulary development in all pupils. To develop children’s use of formal and informal voice. 2018-19

  • Vocabulary development – through reading high quality literature. Advisor in to support development.
  • Use of words of the day/ Wow words linked to topic and texts/ topic word display/ adding comprehension to teaching of spelling.
  • Use of visits out/ visitors in to expand vocabulary/ development of non-fiction/ formal writing linked to recording these experiences.
  • Investigate online spelling support.
  • School editing policy includes aspects of vocabulary development to improve the quality of writing.
  • Development of use of formal and informal voice – through role play, drama and debating, leading in to formal and informal voice in writing.

Behaviour and Safety 2018-19

  • Review school values with the children.
  • Systems in place across the schools re-visited which place focus on school values used as part of everyday practice.
  • Ready to learn characteristics to be reviewed, taught and Growth Mindset work re-visited. Clearer link to Golden Phone Calls.
  • Children fully involved in monitoring their own readiness to learn and feeding back to teachers and Senior Leadership Team about the actions of themselves and others on their learning.
  • New Anti-bullying Policy in place.
  • Children fully aware of aspects of internet safety.

Maths 2018-19

  • Pupils are to gain mastery of the maths curriculum through high quality teaching – developing fluency, reasoning and problem solving through Talk for Maths strategies and a growth mindset
  • Systems in place, including homework, will support the regular teaching and learning of numbers facts across the school.
  • Evidence and marking in books supports good progress being made across the school.
  • Attainment in Maths is raised across the school – ensure pupils make at least good progress and standards across the school are at least in line with national.
  • Stringent monitoring of teaching, learning and assessment ensures implementation and improvements outlined in the school improvement plan and maths policy.