Virtual Harvest Festival 2020

Welcome to our virtual Harvest Festival for 2020.

We hope that you enjoy the contributions from each class, with your families.





Willow Class

In Willow Class the children have been learning about the importance of food during the Harvest Festival. We have talked about how important food is to grow big and strong and how we must help those who don’t have enough food to eat. The children were really excited to learn that some foods grow from the ground and that farmers use scarecrows to stop the birds from eating their crops. They painted their own scarecrows by mixing and experimenting with colours, as they wanted to keep the birds away but make everyone smile.

Cherry Class

The children of Cherry Class discovered there are more crops than just bananas with the Fairtrade Logo. They watched a video all about the Fairtrade Foundation
and how it helps the Farmers, their workers and their communities. They watched a clip about Fairtrade Roses from Kenya and then saw some of the Kenyan Fairtrade roses from a local supermarket. They recognised the logo from other produce and then created watercolour art of the roses they had seen.


Oak Class

In Oak class we have written poetry using the idea of a scarecrow observing his/her Harvest crops, as our inspiration. We wondered what the scarecrow could be thinking if he/ she were real!  We listened to music while we collected our ideas and then we worked in pairs to create these fabulous poems.

Then we used water -based pens to paint the scene that the scarecrow looks over. We learned how to draw using a one -point perspective technique.

We hope you like our work!


Chestnut Class

Chestnut class produced some amazing tree silhouette artwork to celebrate harvest. They used watercolour paints to create a background reflecting the changing colours in nature around us in Autumn. They then cut out a tree silhouette from black card to provide a contrast to their colourful background.

We think that the end results look really amazing.





Kenton Primary School