Year 6 Leavers 2020


2020 Award Winners

Overall PE award for Kenton school: Jack

PE Lead: Harry

PE award for Chestnut class: Alex

Devon Award and PE award runner up: Macy

Arts Award Winner: Daisy

Arts award runner up: Freya & Alfie

Head Girl: Isla
Isla loves all sports, especially cricket and underwater hockey. Isla is really pleased to be head girl next year and she wants to work hard to improve some areas of her English work such as her spellings.

Head Boy: Zane
My hobbies are skateboarding,  riding on my bike and nerf gun fighting.  I go to Cubs and I used to go to Karate. I enjoy playing lego with my siblings and I’m looking forward to being next year’s head boy.

Y6 Chestnut Leavers’ poem 2020

(to be read to the tune of Frere Jacques)

Goodbye Kenton, goodbye Kenton,
We are leaving, we are leaving,
It will be quite saaad, it will be quite saaad,
This is how we feel, this is how we feel.

Lessons were good, so is break time
I’m nervous, but happy
Teachers were amazing, including my buddies
I love school, it is cool

We are nervous, we are nervous,
For secondary school, for secondary school
We’re also quite excited, we’re also quite excited
Goodbye Kenton, goodbye Kenton.

We are happy, and excited
also sad, moving out
All our happy memories, friends and all our teachers
We will miss, all of you.

We are so elated, we are so elated,
New year YAY! New year YAY!
So long primary school, so long primary school,
Dawlish here we come, Dawlish here we come.

Goodbye Kenton, we will miss you
Yes we will, I love school
We are also happy, lessons are the best.
Yes they are, what a time.

A new schooool, a new schooool,
Newww friends, newww friends,
We hope they will like us, we hope they will like us,
Yes they will, yes they will.

We are starting, a new chapter,
Of our lives, a new start,
Friends we’re going to miss, not repeating this,
Anymore, please stay safe

Will we like our teachers? Will we like our teachers?
We hope they are fun, we hope they are fun,
The school must be massive, the school must be massive,
Lessons here we come, lessons here we come!

Kenton was fun, I’m so happy
It’s hard work , it’s so cool
7 years gone quickly, moving on with my life,
We have had, a great time

Goodbye Kenton, we are leaving
Thaaank you , it’s been fun
Can’t wait to make new friends , I am so excited
I can’t wait , to move on.



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