Archaeological Props

Chestnut class had the exciting opportunity to explore some archaeological props from a parent volunteer who used to be an archaeologist.
The children were shown a collection of finds comprising five Lower Palaeolithic hand axes (from Broom Pit, Axminster – circa 350,000 to 450,000 BC, made by Homo heidelbergensis), a Mesolithic flake, Neolithic thumbnail scraper, Bronze Age flint spear head and even a bronze Roman legionary whistle (for controlling troops in battle).
They also had access to the finds from a Neolithic house excavated from an uncle’s farm in the 1950’s. This turned up 40 early Neolithic leaf-shaped arrow heads and a range of polished stone Neolithic axes from all over Britain, having been traded to Devon in approx. 3780 BC (early Neolithic).
What an exciting afternoon!