Cherry Class Quest Work

In Cherry Class this term, we have been approaching topic work in a slightly different way. Children have been challenged with ‘Quests’ – a question that they can interpret in their own way, find out the answers to the question and present their work in a format of their choice. 

Our first Quest was: ‘Where Does Our Food Come From?’ 

This was interpreted in different ways; some children chose to find out about which countries grow different foods, some learnt about when food was introduced to our country, and some children looked at the different ingredients in popular foods. 

The children were very excited about this type of learning. The fact that they were making decisions about the direction their learning took them was very motivational and empowering. Well done Cherry Class!

Please have a look at some of the work that the children produced below.

Our next Quests are about time travelling, where the children will do their own research about a chosen time in history, to allow them to write a story about a time travelling character.

Click to see Alice and Isaac Food Quest Powerpoint Presentation.