Chestnut Class Update

Chestnut class recently enjoyed a very informative session with the fire service.

They learnt all about the role of fire fighters in preventing and stopping fires from happening. The children were involved with a role play of an emergency telephone call to 999 which helped to teach them about the vital information that they would need to give the operator if they ever had to make such a telephone call.

The class were taught all about the importance of having smoke detectors fitted on each floor of their home, as well as testing them regularly. They were also set the task of planning an emergency escape plan with their family, should they ever need to quickly leave their home in the event of a fire.

As part of their light topic, Chestnut class have also been using coloured filters to investigate the effect that these have on the colour of various objects. The children also wrote a secret message using their knowledge of colour and a partner had to decode this message using coloured filters.