Forest School

Reception and Year One children enjoyed the marvellous sunshine in the woods this week. We’re hoping that spring has finally sprung – we certainly heard enough bird song to suggest it might be the case!

After spending time exploring, climbing, swinging and holding an impromptu mud-based tea party, we all settled down for a snack and heard the story of the ‘Owl Babies’. We used wooden discs to create our own owls and then made a giant nest in the woods for Barnaby Owl and his new friends. Some children found lots of fluffy catkins and feathers to line the nest, others took their owls flying high around the woods on the end of sticks.

This is the song we sing to greet Barnaby Owl each week:

“I’m a wise old owl with a pointy nose,
Two little ears and claws for toes.
I sit in the tree and I look at you.
I flap my wings and I say TWIT-TWOO!”