Geography at Kenton Primary School


Through the teaching of geographical skills, knowledge and understanding of the National Curriculum, we provide high- quality geography education which inspires pupils’ curiosity and fascination with the world and the people who live in it. Geography is an exciting, relevant subject, which can be seen in action in the daily lives of our pupils. There are many cross-curricular links to ensure pupils are able to see their subject in the context of themselves and the lives of the community around them and the wider world.  We recognise the importance of our children having a knowledge and understanding of the wider world, to broaden their horizons and to recognise and appreciate a life and opportunities outside of Kenton. Throughout the curriculum, we aim to develop knowledge and skills that are progressive and transferrable not just throughout their time at Kenton, but beyond into further education and the world of work.

Being mindful of the school’s priority to have high aspirations for all pupils and wishing to promote our golden threads, we use our local area and local geography to show that everyone, no matter what their background might be able to achieve their goals and dreams. The national curriculum has been carefully divided into long term plans with a huge emphasis on our local area, in order to promote enthusiasm for geography and to support the needs of our pupils. Our long term plans set out objectives that link and build prior knowledge and understanding. The teaching of geographical vocabulary is continually embedded, reinforced and revisited throughout all lessons, as our geography flows through other curriculum subjects.



Staff are aware and follow the geography rolling programme. Teachers feel confident to teach and have brilliant subject knowledge and pedagogical understanding through staff training and shared knowledge and experience. The best quality of education is ensured throughout all Key Stages through effective termly monitoring of books, learning walks and pupils and teacher voice.



Across the school year, lesson observations and learning walks take place and evidence that teachers provide a broad and balanced geography curriculum. Teachers are using the rolling programme and progression of skills documents to ensure children’s prior knowledge is taken into account and developed upon. Book scrutinies show that children can demonstrate that they are acquiring the key knowledge and skills within our rolling programme. Pupil voice reflects the growing geographical understanding, use of vocabulary and enthusiasm of geography, alongside showing that pupils are developing a locational awareness.

At the end of the year, teachers will use their judgements to grade the children on the geography work they have completed. This data will be analysed by the humanities lead and further CPD may be put in place if necessary. Analysis by the subject leader enables a consistent approach to geography teaching across the school and this is supported through monitoring of children’s books, pupil conferencing and through termly conversations with pupils.


Progression Document 

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