Oak Class Trip to Bath

Oak’s trip to Bath (by Elizabeth, Year 4)

On Friday 15th June, Oak class went on a school trip to Bath. We went to the Roman baths in Bath!

First all of, Oak went to Kenn Primary to get on the coach (Jeff was our driver)  so we didn’t need to stop on the way. When everyone who was there was on the coach, we had to wait for other people to arrive.

When we were on the coach and going, lots of children were getting things out of bags to have some fun.

When we were there, we got off the coach and we were off to the Baths! When we got to the ancient Roman Baths, Kenn and Kenton were split into groups of different schools. In our different schools we did different things, Kenton were looking at the Baths first.

First we were given audio guides that looked like phones, and when you typed  a number in it told you a bit of history about the bit of the baths you were looking at.

Second we were taken on a walk around the Baths, which was very long and we were told a lot about the Romans. On the way through, we were told to do stuff and solve some puzzles. We also saw lots of things like… models, statues, rocks and lots of different baths and monuments from Roman history in Bath.

Soon it was lunch and everyone was going down to the garden outside the Baths for lunch.

When we were done, we went back to the Baths and did what Kenn did before. We went through some of the Baths to get to a place a man from the Baths was taking us.

When we got to a learning room, we were told what we were doing. We were doing a simple activity sheet, Roman shopping and looking at Roman stuff with the man.

Last we were on our way home but we got stuck in a traffic jam and everyone started to need the loo, so we went to a shop to go to the loo and to get some snacks because the next service station was one and a half hours away.

Soon we were of again and we were all happy. In the end it took 5 hours to get home but we made it in the end.

We were dropped off at Kenn and everyone went home in one piece!