Our Policies

The Governing Body also reviews the Schools’ Policies and Procedures. Our key policies can be viewed by clicking on the appropriate links below, for details of our other policies please contact the School Office.


Attendance | February 2023 | PDF

Behaviour and Anti-Bullying Policy | March 2022 | PDF

Kenton Admin of Medicines and Medical Conditions | 2023 | PDF

Kenton Equality Objectives 2022-2033 | PDF

Child Protection and Safeguarding Policy | PDF

Exclusion Policy | November 2023 | PDF

Intimate Care | February 2021 | PDF

Kenton Admin of Medicines and Medical Conditions | February 2023 | PDF

Kenton Late and Non-Collection Procedure 2023

Kenton Primary School Policy on Dealing with Violent or Abusive Visitors

Online Safety Policy | February 2023 | PDF

Outdoor Education Policy | April 2023 | PDF

Religious Education Policy

Remote Education Policy | February 2023 | PDF

RSE Policy Policy | February 2023 | PDF

School Uniform Policy | January 2021 | PDF

Statement of Behaviour Principles 2023 | PDF


Ivy Education Trust Policies

All Trust-wide policies listed below can be found online at https://ivyeducationtrust.co.uk/trust-policies

  • Adjustment to Staffing Structures Policy
  • Appraisal Policy for Teachers, CEO/Headteachers
  • Capability Policy
  • Charges and Remissions Policy
  • Child Protection and Safeguarding Policy
  • Code of Conduct for Staff
  • Code of Conduct for Trustees and Governors
  • Complaints Policy and Procedure
  • Disciplinary Policy
  • Disclosure and Barring Checks Policy
  • Equality Statement
  • Equality and Diversity Policy
  • Finance Policy and Financial Regulations
  • Flexible Working Policy
  • Gifts and Hospitality Register
  • Governors’ and Trustees’ Expenses Policy
  • Grievance Policy
  • Health and Safety and Wellbeing Policy
  • Lettings Policy
  • Lone Working Policy
  • Managing Serial and Unreasonable Complaints
  • Managing Sickness Absence
  • Maternity and Adoption Support Leave Policy
  • Maternity Policy
  • Recruitment of Ex-Offenders Policy and Procedure
  • Recruitment and Selection Policy
  • Redundancy Policy
  • Risk Management Policy
  • School Minibus and Company Vehicle Policy and Procedure
  • Shared Parental Leave Policy
  • Staff Expenses Policy
  • Staff Leave and Absence Policy
  • Time Off In Lieu Policy
  • Volunteers Policy and Agreement
  • Whistleblowing Policy

Ivy Education Trust GDPR Policies

All Trust-wide GDPR policies listed below can be found online at https://ivyeducationtrust.co.uk/gdpr

  • Data protection policy
  • Freedom of Information Act Policy
  • Privacy notice (COVID 19)
  • Privacy notice (visitors)
  • Privacy notice (Trustees and Governors)
  • Privacy notice (applicants) 
  • Privacy notice (workforce) 
  • Privacy notice (parents and students)
  • Records Management Policy
  • Subject access request policy and form



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