Religious Education

Religious Education

R.E. is taught throughout the school in accordance with the diocesan guidelines. It helps the children to gain a better understanding of Christianity and other faiths

Religious Education at Kenton Primary is concerned with putting our children on a pathway to understanding religion and with making a contribution to the development of their own beliefs and values.

The school follows the RE curriculum agreed by Devon.  There are two strands:

  • Feelings and emotions
  • Knowledge of particular religions

Children undertake a focused study of Christianity across both Key Stages and at Key Stage 2 there are also in-depth studies of Hinduism, Judaism and a focus on Islam.

Each term there are Class sharing assemblies; parents are invited to share in the celebration of work and achievements by the children.  This is an informal occasion, bringing the school community together to reflect on the week’s learning.

Parents have the right to request that their child should be partly or wholly excused from either the act of worship or Religious Education.  Any request should be made to the Head of School.

Kenton RE Statement of Intent

RE Progression of Skills