Remote Learning – Reading

It is important that children are reading as much as possible during their time at home, whether that is their own quiet reading or sharing a book with a family member.  Choose a quiet time of day, find a comfortable place and sit back and relax.  A short daily session is better than an occasional long one.


Big Cat Collins – Early Years and Year 1

Collins Publishers have released a KS1 Big Cat eBook package for children to access reading books from home. This will be available for the duration of the current school closures. Please follow the link below and enter the login details provided.

E Books for reading


Password: Parents!21

The books are organized into colours, so please scroll through to find a suitable book for your child to read. There are tabs across the top of the list to find other coloured books. Please speak to your teacher if you need any help finding the correct book colour.

Accelerated Reader – Years 2 – 6

We have had the restrictions lifted so that pupils are able to access AR and quiz at home during school hours. Pupils should know their username and login but if they do not, please contact their class teacher via e-mail. The links below are the school’s AR link, a link to use if you want to check whether books they have at home can be quizzed on and a link to audio stories that they can listen to.

Schools AR Link 

AR Bookfinder

Audio Stories


Virtual School Library

The Oak Academy has begun a Virtual School Library. Every week a popular children’s author or illustrator will provide free books, exclusive videos and their top three recommended reads. Having access to a school library is really important for children. School libraries nurture a love of reading that can enrich children’s literacy skills, academic achievements and mental wellbeing. The Virtual School Library will help to ensure that children have access to the magical world of stories whether they are learning at school or at home. They’ve worked with brilliant publishers and inspiring authors and illustrators to ensure that the books and activities in the Virtual School Library will support children’s wellbeing through reading. Please visit the following website to access these fantastic resources:

Virtual School Library