Science Week 2019

All week, children from across the school have been taking part in special activities which all have a link to science as part of Science Week.

These have included KS1 children having a visitor who helped them to design, build and test Mars rovers out of Lego. KS2 children then watched NASA video animations of how different Mars probes landed safely, before building their own probes to carry eggs safely when they were dropped to the ground.

All children took part in a water filter challenge where the aim was to get muddy water as clean as possible using a limited range of materials including sand, wood chips and cotton wool.

At the end of the week, parents were invited in to complete a carousel of short activities with their children, and encouraged to think and discuss what, why and how things were happening.

The activities will continue over the next couple of weeks with children visiting the Eden Project, the Waste Energy Incinerator, and taking part in a community beach clean.