Secrets of Success

At Kenton Primary, we have implemented Chris Quigley’s approach to learning.

One element of this is the ‘Secrets of Success’. Chris Quigley believes that there are many elements needed for children to become successful and independent learners. Below is the ethos behind ‘Secrets of Success’:

What is success?

Success isn’t just about money. It is about happiness, choices and feeling good about yourself. Successful people feel good about:

  • How hard they have tried
  • Who they are
  • What they spend their time doing
  • The choices they have made in their lives

Below are the eight areas that we believe will help create a fulfilled, curious and independent learner:

Each classroom has a special ‘learning behaviour’ chart, where children can make progress up the chart, according to the learning behaviours that they are displaying in class.

If a child reaches the top of the chart, they are awarded a golden sticker and a ‘golden phone call’ – a chance to speak to an adult at home and tell them about their success in school.

We have all noticed the benefits of sharing this system with the children – it has allowed children to take greater ownership of their learning behaviour, and resulted in motivation to improve focus, effort and contributions in lessons.