Sports Premium

PE and School Sport – Kenn and Kenton Federation


 Funding for 2019 -20

How much was the grant for the academic year 2019 -20?

Schools with 17 or more eligible pupils receive £16,000 and an additional payment of £10 per pupil.

In the most recent academic year of 2019/2020, Kenn Primary School received £16,980 and Kenton Primary School received £16,920 which has been used in the following ways to help make improvements with the development of health and fitness:

  • Employing Andy Tyrrell from Tyrrell Sports to work one day per week at each school to upskill our TAs, to release teachers for time to spend on intervention, with a focus on the development of health and fitness.
  • Andy Tyrrell takes groups of children from Kenton Primary School to the school field on a Tuesday lunchtime to give intensive training for upcoming South Dartmoor events.
  • Andy Tyrrell also provides health/fitness and sporting advice and support to all teachers and TAs at both schools.
  • Tyrrell Sports run subsidized, after-school clubs to increase participation and offer specialists sports such as fencing and archery. This includes our pupil premium children (offering them a free place at the after school club).
  • The South Dartmoor Partnership package to provide wider opportunities for inter-school competitive and non-competitive activities for pupils and training for teachers.
  • Mini bus lease and hire to open up opportunities and to raise participation for competition across the federation and those run by the South Dartmoor Partnership.

Further improvements for 2019-20

  • To further improve PE equipment and resources
  • To engage more pupils in sports clubs, at lunchtimes and after school (target 50% or more)
  • To have young sports leaders running more clubs and games (10% of pupils)
  • To enter more inter-school competitions (at the end of a unit in PE)
  • To introduce new sports and games to our school (fencing, archery)
  • To make more links with out of school hours sports clubs in order to further support and encourage our pupils to be active (Chiefs, Exeter City, Exeter University)

Next steps…. 2020/2021

  • Further develop aspects of healthy living – healthy eating/physical literacy/numeracy.
  • CPD opportunities for Staff (possible INSET using Tyrrell sports or South Dartmoor)
  • Mini bus lease
  • Tyrrell sports package + the possibility of more federation competitions for both key stages, including early years.
  • Continue with the forest school teacher + TA to work x2 days (across the federation) to walk children to the allotment to grow food which can then be prepared, cooked and eaten and/or to go on trips in the mini bus (Haldon Hill, etc). Encourage the parents to visit to see what their children learn at forest school. Staff meeting time allocated for teachers to visit forest school to see typical activities.
  • Buying more forest school equipment
  • After school cookery club (cooking produce grown by the pupils)
  • Paying a Meal time assistant to take groups of children up to the field at lunchtimes (Kenton) for active sport sessions which alleviates the issue of an overcrowded, small playground (starting with x3 days per week, increasing to x5 over time).
  • To continue to train our young play leaders by sending them on x3 courses a year to increase their ‘ideas bank’ to be brought back and implemented into both schools at lunchtime breaks.