Wildwood Escot

Oak class have been on a class trip to Wild Wood at Escot.

We had an amazing day today at our trip to Escot Wildwood! We got a coach there and there was a special tent to keep our belongings in and it’s where we ate lunch. We went on a walk around the park and got to visit some different animals inclosures. We saw bears, an artic fox, an owl, red squirrels and a lynx! We even got to spend some time at the playback, which the children loved. After lunchtime, we spent time in the Saxon Village. We explored the chronology of history and looked at different homes in the stone age, bronze age and iron age. We learnt lots of information about Saxon life, including the food and drink they had, how they cooked, what their houses looked like, the clothes they wore, the language they used and looked at how they were skilled metal and wood workers. We had time to explore different areas of the village. In wood working, we could use a chisel to create a mallet or make rune carvings in a wooden plank of our school name. We got to bring the mallet and wooden plank back to school! In the forge, we worked together to make a brooch for the class by hammering the metal and pumping oxygen into fire. When in the kitchen area, we had the opportunity to kneed dough for bread, grind spelt, explore saxon artefacts and try on saxon clothing. Finally, at the end of the day, we watched a demonstration of how coins were made and got to take a class coin back to school!