Willow Class Nativity – getting into the spirit of Christmas

Willow Class and everybody getting into the spirit of Christmas with our live natvity and Christmas Open Afternoon.  Our live nativity was very well performed with everyone playing their part well including Harry the Donkey and our guest lambs.

We were very pleased that we were able to welcome our new and younger visitors and their parents and families to our school and they were able to take part in decorating their own Christmas Cupcakes and enjoy the singing from our school choir.

We are a small and friendly village school and try hard to ensure that all our visitors, both young and slightly older feel welcomed and were pleased when one of our guests commented,

“As a new parent I feel welcome and secure here, so how must new children feel?”

The afternoon finished with an early visit from a very special person – Father Christmas!

We hope you enjoy seeing some of the photos from the afternoon.